Monday, 5 April 2010

I passed My Theory Test.... Go Me!!!!

I took my Theory driving test last week (30-3-10) I PASSED!! Woo Hoo!

I was so pleased with myself, i have been taking driving lessons for a while now but have been putting off doing the theory as i get very nervous on tests, I have always been the same, my mind just goes blank :) No idea how i'm goinmg to get through the practical! lol!

But... What i actually wanteed to write the block about was.. The practice discs you can but for your pc to help you prepare for the actual test. I very stupidly bought one from Ebay months ago & oh what a surprise it was a dodgy one, which i didnt realise until the day before my throery test! AArrgghh!!!!

It only had 150 questions on the disc (which i had learned) But.. There are 900 questions all together!!!

So you can imagine total panic set in, i had to fly to the supermarket (Tesco) & but a practice disc from there the night before, i practiced & practiced all that evening & the following morning totally convinced i was going to fail :(
But i didnt!!!! Woo Hoo!!

So basically be warned DON'T BUY THE PRACTICE DISC OFF EBAY!!!! Get a legit one from any good supermarket....

Now i've to just just get ready for my practical!!! panic, panic, panic lol!!!

Have a good day :) :)

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  1. Well done:) I'm sure you're over the moon. Good luck for the practical xx