Thursday, 20 May 2010

My next project....

This my next project to start.... Hopefully very soon :0

I love this design, it is Vervaco- 75.175- Kiss Of Love!

I just think it is so adorable, the finished size will be 20 x 26 cms.

The little boy reminds me of my youngest son who always kissing & cuddling :)

NOTD... China Glaze- For Audrey

I decided i would get into the spring :) I have used China Glaze - For Audrey....

I have to say i lurv this colour ♥♥

Applied really well with 2 coats.. My daughter likes it tooas she keeps trying to eat my fingers lol!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New HairCut........

Well... I had put it off long enough & was in need of a good haircut :)

After having my daughter 9 months ago i lost alot of hair, i usually have really think hair but it was falling out badly & now it has started to grow back BUT... it was driving me crazy as i hjad little tufts all at the front & everywhere so i wanted a cut to blend them in & let them grow along with the rest of my hair so.... I went for a full fringe :) Something i have never had before.. What do you think??

Now the next step is Stripping out the black (I bought the Colour B4) & dying it a vibrant red!!!