Thursday, 25 February 2010

Laser Eye Surgery.....

Ok this is something i feel alot about......

I had laser eye surgery 5 years ago with Ultralaze & i now have 20/20 vision Hooray!!!

I just wanted to right this blog as i know there are folk out there who are maybe considering it but are scared or worried, believe me i was one of them people, i was terrified! BUT it was the best thing i ever did.

It is scary as you have no clue exactly as to what they are going to do, its ok for them to try & tell you but its totally different when your laid on the bed with a huge machine over your head making very scary noises at you!

I have to say one major thing which is YOU DONT FEEL A THING!! IT IS TOTALLY PAINLESS.

The only part i found uncomfortable was the suction part as apparently i have small deep set eyes but like i say it was uncomfortable not painful. Plus they do offer you a sedative if you are very nervous!

ok once you have had the laser done, you will need sunglasses as your eyes will be very light sensative & i mean very, my experience was as soon as i walked outside into the daylight i couldnt even open my eyes so i really suggest you have someone go with you (i had my mum).
It doesnt last long but you need to wear sunglasses for 2 weeks if you are outside & glasses with non-prescription lenses for 2 weeks too to prevent dust going into your eyes while they heal.
Oh & one major thing NO MAKE-UP FOR 2 WEEKS!!! AARRGGGHH!!!! LOL!

The aftercare from ultralase was fantastic too, they were always on the other end of the phone if i needed them.

the day i had my treatment i came home & fell asleep (prob with all the worrying lol) i was woken up by my son coming in from school, i opened my eyes & could actually see his face so clear for the first time without the aid of glasses or contacts, i was so overwhelmed i cried!

This is just my experience, everyone is different & my advise is to ask all the questions you want & look into it all. my eyes cost £2500 but the way i see it i was buying new glasses every 2 years & contacts every months along with cleaning solutions so to me it was an investment!

I really hope this has helped some people, if anyone wants to ask me anything else about it then please leave me a comment :)

Monday, 22 February 2010


Just plain really neautral colours

Revlon Photoready foundation- oo4 nude
Elf Concealer palette
MAC mineralized skinfinish naturals- medium
Elf Golden bronzer
Elf Blush- tickled pink

88 Shimmer palette- neutral shades
MAC Kohl liner- Smolder
L'oreal panoramic mascara- black
Ardell Demi Black lashes

Urban decay 24/7 lip liner- Wallflower
NYX lipstick- Circe
Clear Gloss

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel

Well my Avon lady called yesterday with order :) I ordered the speed dry nail enamel in Twilight Blue & Sateen

These polishes claim to dry in less than 30 seconds so istinctively i though "yeh right" :)

But...... They do!! i used the Twilight Blue & it is a gawgus colour. Goes on really well with only one coat & dried really fast!
I am most definatly going to get the colours available

Friday, 19 February 2010

For My Daughter...♥

So this was one of my gifts for my daughter, i stitched the Cinderella & Ariel before she was born & saved the middle aperture for a newborn photo of her (which was taken by her godmother)

I was really pleased at how well they turned out, i stitched them on printed 14ct Aida, they have little pink lines running through the cloth. The kits were Vervaco.
Beautiful Ballet Shoe, i have recently added my daughter's name too it & it is now framed. This one is also Vervaco. I have to say they are my favourite

Monday, 15 February 2010


I am having one of them days, make-up went on terrible, just took the whole lot off :(

My foundation just looked flaky & chalky
I'm sure its my skin, i am using the Boots Botanics day shift moisture cream at the moment because i do have dry skin but i apply my foundation & i just look flaky all over

what am i doing wrong?????

if anyone has any suggestions on moistizer, foundation anything that can help please...
i would really appreciate it

i am using Revlon colorstay. photoready foundation in 004 buff, MAC mineralized skinfinish natural in medium.. Do you think its the products that are not right for my skin????

Oh i am soo fed up :(

Sunday, 14 February 2010

It's my Birthday today "14th Feb"


Well i spent a nice day with my family, it's my first birthday with my beautiful daughter, which was amazing :) (she's only 6 months)

I had my handsome 3 year old son singing "Happy Birthday" to me which was totally adorable.

I even got a birthday card from my eldest son & his girlfriend (he's 16) he even bought it himself lol!

It has just been a lovely day with friends & family popping in throughout the day.

Also to everyone......

Botanics Day Shift Moisture SPF 12 Cream

I recently purchased the Boots Botanics Day shift Moisture Cream, so far i am liking it alot.... As it says it is a cream & it is rather thick (which is what i need, i have quite dry skin)

I was using the Clinique Redness solutions but i ran out & wanted to try & find a cheaper alternative ( i only seemed to need the redness solution while i was pregnant)

I do like this cream, i have only been using it a few days but my skin is soft & my foundation goes on well, with no dry patches.
only downside is i have to wait a good 15-20 mins for it to soak in before applying my make-up. which for me isnt really a problem as i normally get broken off during my make-up application to tend to my kids! :)

The cream also smells nice, it has a nice clean, fresh frangrance to it, not too strong or overpowering.

The price is £4.99 at Boots & at the moment the whole Boots Botanic range is on offer at 3 for 2 (cheapest item free)

I have to say that trying this product hasmade me want to try others so i'm going to have another wander to my Boots store very soon :)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

E.L.F- Undereye concealer & Highlighter Rave....

I have to say i have tried a lot of concealer in my time & have found most to be very drying or chalky BUT I LOVE this concealer ♥
It is so easy to use, it blends really well & i dont look like i have got dry patches anywhere
I bought the light as i am fairly pale
I use the concealer under my eyes & even my eyelids & it covers well, I use the highlighter in the inner corner just to brighten my eye..
I am most def going to be buying more of these so i have plenty of back ups
I ♥ E.L.F!!!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Face for today - New Revlon Photoready Foundation

This is my look for today using my new Revlon Photoready foundation in 004 Nude...
(sorry photo not very good, i dont own a camera so i use my phone ☺) I have to say i really really like it & taking a photo was great, normally i look very gaunt in photo's but i think my skin look quite flawless. i do have dark circles red patches on my face & this product covered really well, i didnt even need to use alot of concealer....
I applyed with a MAC 190 foundation brush & set with my mineralized skinfinish natural in medium.
So big thumbs up for me ♥ ☺

Essie- Matte About You

Firstly i have to say i really like this product, I love matte polishes but some of them can be quite pricey But with "Matte about you" its not a problem....
You simply paint your nails as normal & allow to dry fully, then apply a thin coat of Essie- Matte about you & let dry, you can actually see the polish turn matte, ♥ It's amazing ♥
No more having to buy expensive matte polishes, you can use this product on any polish of any brand.
If anyone was wondering i bought mine off Ebay for about £7.95 but its well worth it!!

Monday, 1 February 2010

New Stuff!

I love my nail polishes, after years of biting & totally ruining my nails i finally managed to grow them, now i buy nail polishes more than anything else

Recently purchased Sephora by OPI- Skinny Jeans. I am really looking forward to trying this out, I also bought Sephora by opi - Metro chic
I really do like these mucky,dusty colours. I did have to purchace these from Ebay as they are not sold in the UK! So if anyone know of brands & colours in the mucky grey scale please let me know.. :)