Sunday, 21 February 2010

Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel

Well my Avon lady called yesterday with order :) I ordered the speed dry nail enamel in Twilight Blue & Sateen

These polishes claim to dry in less than 30 seconds so istinctively i though "yeh right" :)

But...... They do!! i used the Twilight Blue & it is a gawgus colour. Goes on really well with only one coat & dried really fast!
I am most definatly going to get the colours available


  1. i had a avon book over the christmas i like the look on nailwear pro. you have the ruby slippers, wicked,golden dream, golden wine and a few others.

    When i done avon years ago i remember nail polish that came in strips and you just stick it to your nails like a transfer tattoo.

  2. oh they would be so much easier as i dont have very steady hands lol!

    i have the ruby slippers, wicked & golden wine too, they are really nice colours. the ruby slippers & golden winr have a little glitter in them too, they go on really well