Monday, 15 February 2010


I am having one of them days, make-up went on terrible, just took the whole lot off :(

My foundation just looked flaky & chalky
I'm sure its my skin, i am using the Boots Botanics day shift moisture cream at the moment because i do have dry skin but i apply my foundation & i just look flaky all over

what am i doing wrong?????

if anyone has any suggestions on moistizer, foundation anything that can help please...
i would really appreciate it

i am using Revlon colorstay. photoready foundation in 004 buff, MAC mineralized skinfinish natural in medium.. Do you think its the products that are not right for my skin????

Oh i am soo fed up :(


  1. Have you tried exfoliating? Are you using the right moisturiser for your skin type?

  2. i use a gentle exfoliator every day & i have dry skin so i always get moisturizer for that. I used the ELF tinted moisturizer today over my normal one & it was fine. maybe it is the foundation :(

  3. Maybe it is the foundation. Give it another few tries just to make sure you weren't having a bad day xx