Thursday, 25 February 2010

Laser Eye Surgery.....

Ok this is something i feel alot about......

I had laser eye surgery 5 years ago with Ultralaze & i now have 20/20 vision Hooray!!!

I just wanted to right this blog as i know there are folk out there who are maybe considering it but are scared or worried, believe me i was one of them people, i was terrified! BUT it was the best thing i ever did.

It is scary as you have no clue exactly as to what they are going to do, its ok for them to try & tell you but its totally different when your laid on the bed with a huge machine over your head making very scary noises at you!

I have to say one major thing which is YOU DONT FEEL A THING!! IT IS TOTALLY PAINLESS.

The only part i found uncomfortable was the suction part as apparently i have small deep set eyes but like i say it was uncomfortable not painful. Plus they do offer you a sedative if you are very nervous!

ok once you have had the laser done, you will need sunglasses as your eyes will be very light sensative & i mean very, my experience was as soon as i walked outside into the daylight i couldnt even open my eyes so i really suggest you have someone go with you (i had my mum).
It doesnt last long but you need to wear sunglasses for 2 weeks if you are outside & glasses with non-prescription lenses for 2 weeks too to prevent dust going into your eyes while they heal.
Oh & one major thing NO MAKE-UP FOR 2 WEEKS!!! AARRGGGHH!!!! LOL!

The aftercare from ultralase was fantastic too, they were always on the other end of the phone if i needed them.

the day i had my treatment i came home & fell asleep (prob with all the worrying lol) i was woken up by my son coming in from school, i opened my eyes & could actually see his face so clear for the first time without the aid of glasses or contacts, i was so overwhelmed i cried!

This is just my experience, everyone is different & my advise is to ask all the questions you want & look into it all. my eyes cost £2500 but the way i see it i was buying new glasses every 2 years & contacts every months along with cleaning solutions so to me it was an investment!

I really hope this has helped some people, if anyone wants to ask me anything else about it then please leave me a comment :)

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